Philosophical Drama 14+

inspired by Marin Sorescu

a play by Mariana Cămărășan



Room capacity

150 seat (on stage)

Supported by the Romanian Cultural Institute

"Mihai Eminescu"


MATCA – the first and most complex piece of Marin Sorescu's trilogy "The Salt Mountain Trilogy. Iona. Paracliserul. Matca" - a parable, which comes to paraphrase the myth of the flood, at the same time, a tribute to motherhood, which tells us about the role of women as a daughter, lover, mother, and member of the community.

Irina, an intellectual, is expecting a child, and the flood comes and destroys everything she had - her father dies, the house is ruined, the husband is far away… but she fights to the end, aware of the fulfillment of the mission to give life, becoming the matrix of a new, life-creating world and meaning.

"This character could only be a woman. A pregnant woman, symbolizing balance, traditions, continuity", Marin Sorescu.

A metaphor on antagonisms: life and death, reality vs imaginary, rejection or coexistence, faith and offering, alone or together?

The power to suffer and the love beyond death, which make the man placed in limited situations to be unlimited in virtue, thought and aspiration.


Director and Scenographer

Mariana Cămărășan

Assistant Director

Galina Lazarenco

Head of production

Vladimir Ciotu

Technical Director

Valentin Munteanu

Costume Designer

Inga Botnariuc

Music composer

Alexandru Dicusar

Sound Designer

Vlad Vascan

Light Designer

Tudor Carapascal


Vlad Țapeș


Victoria Morari

Prop Painter

Viorel Gherștoagă

Prop Master

Ludmila Budeanu

Stage technician

Sergiu Brăileanu, Vitalie Mândrescu


Antonia Barancea, Anatol Burlacu, Ion Munteanu, Galina Lazarenco, Alexandru Dicusar, Nicoleta Zghibarță.

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