Code of conduct

on events and performances 

within IP CCA Ginta Latină

1.This regulation was designed to establish the terms and conditions for the development of all events (shows, concerts, workshops, conferences, film screenings, and so on), organised by IP CCA Ginta Latină.

2.Public's access to the events is made exclusively on the basis of the sold tickets that are within the limit of available seats. The tickets can be purchased at the theatre’s ticket office or online, from our partners’ websites. Ticket reservations can be made by calling 022 232154 (ticket office), these being valid for only 72 hours. Concurrently, a seat in the theatre is guaranteed only by buying the ticket.

3.The access to the event is guaranteed, based on a valid entry ticket (event title, date, time) for only one person.

4.The payment is accepted in cash, by credit card or online, on our partners' websites. For organised groups, payments can be also made via bank transfer, in compliance with signed agreement.

5.For the comfort of all spectators and artists, the access of children under the age of 7 is not recommended, exception being made for the performances for children, where the minimum age limit for participation is 4 years old. In all circumstances, children must be supervised by an adult. Some productions may contain messages which are not recommended for a certain age segment, and, if applicable, this warning will be mentioned on the poster of the respective production. The institution reserves the right to refuse the access to a specific performance hall for the age categories that may be subject to this provision.

6.The access after the start of the event, time as printed on the ticket, is not permitted.

7.Failure to show up at the start of the event, time as stated on the entry ticket, leads to the cancellation of the ticket without the right to get a refund or to use the ticket for another performance. The organiser has the right to use these seats.

8.For the comfort of the spectators, the use of the cloakroom is recommended.

9.The spectators are obligated to respect the rules of conduct, to maintain the public order and the accepted standards of conduct, security and fire safety regulations. By attending any performance and event, the spectator accepts to be filmed and/or photographed by people authorised by the institution, and allows the use of the photo/video/audio recordings for promotional purposes.


  • to smoke on the theatre premises (including medical or electronic cigarettes);
  • the access of persons that are under the influence of alcohol;
  • the access of pets;
  • the access with any type of food, soda or alcoholic beverages inside the auditorium;
  • the access with laser flashlights, sharp objects, toxic substances, psychotropic substances or weapons;
  • to throw any object on the stage or in the hall, to perform actions that break the order and endanger the unfolding of the events;
  • the aggressive behaviour, vulgar and abusive language, threats, raised tone towards other spectators or theatre representatives;
  • to carry out commercial acts of any type or distributing materials with informational and/or advertising content, without the written consent of the management of the theatre.

IP CCA Ginta Latină representatives reserve the right to intervene, in any of these situations, for the purposes of compliance with the above.

10.In case of unforeseen events that prevent a scheduled event from taking place (accidents, illnesses, etc.), as well as in case of ‘force majeure’, the institution reserves the right to make changes in the program of the events. The tickets sold will be refunded or renewed for another event. Other additional costs (transport, accommodation, courier, bank fees, etc.) will not be covered by the organiser.

11.The reimbursement, for tickets purchased at the theatre ticket office shall be made at the customer's request, during the operating hours, no later than the end of the month in which the ticket was purchased.

12.For tickets purchased online, their value will be refunded directly to the account from which the payment was made, and the customers will be informed via an e-mail.

13.The program of performances may be subject to changes and it is recommended to check, beforehand, the theatre’s social networks (Facebook and Instagram pages).

14.For complaints or suggestions, please write us to

15.If special assistance is needed to enter the performance hall, please let us know at least one day before the start of the event by calling 0 22 232154 (ticket office).

16.By participating in the performances and events organised by IP CCA Ginta Latină, the spectators undertake to comply with these regulations, throughout their presence in the theatre premises. In case of non-compliance with these rules, the theatre reserves the right to not allow the access, or ask them to leave the event, with no ticket refund.

17.IP CCA Ginta Latină is the sole producer, copyright owner and holder of the related rights of the performances, therefore it reserves the right to defend its interests by all means provided by law.

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